Pro-Life Christians Under a Pro-Choice President

obamaIf any of you watched the inauguration of President Obama on Tuesday, like I did, then you couldn’t help but feel the wonder that you were watching something truly historical.  It is truly remarkable that only 60 years earlier Martin Luther King Jr. stood hundreds of yards away on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and gave his I Have a Dream speech.  Now, what was spoken on those steps has permeated the walls of the White House.  There was a not too distant time when the man who now holds the highest office of power in our land would have been denied the courtesy of service at a local restaurant. 


Truly remarkable.


And yet, many of us who call ourselves Christians find ourselves very concerned.  Not because of the man himself, but because of his seemingly unwavering positions on matters that challenge, and even outright deny, biblical morality and ethics.


Recently John Piper posted a blog entry on the Desiring God website entitled Being Pro-Life Christians Under a Pro-Choice President.  I highly recommend that you go read it and listen to the message he references.


I quote a portion here:


The text was 1Peter 2:17, “Honor the king.”  I closed with eight ways to honor a pro-choice president.  The seventh was this: 


We will honor you be expecting from you straightforward answers to straightforward question.  We would not expect this from a con-man, but we do expect it from an honorable man.


For example,


  1. Are you willing to explain why a baby’s right not to be killed is less important than a woman’s right not to be pregnant?


  1. Or are you willing to explain why most cities have laws forbidding cruelty to animals, but you oppose laws forbidding cruelty to human fetuses?  Are they not at least living animals?


  1. Or are you willing to explain why government is unwilling to take away the so-called right to abortion on demand even though it harms the unborn child; yet government is increasingly willing to take away the right to smoke, precisely because it harms innocent non-smokers, killing 3,000 non-smokers a year from cancer and as many as 40,000 non-smokers a year fro mother diseases?


  1. And if you say that everything hangs on whether the fetus is a human child, are you willing to go before national television in the oval office and defend your support for the “Freedom of Choice Act” by holding in your hand a 21 week old fetus and explaining why this little one does not have the fundamental, moral, and constitutional right to life?  Are you willing to say to parents in this church who lost a child at that age and held him in their hands, this being in your hands is not and was not a child with any rights of its own under God or under law?


Perhaps you have good answers to each of these questions.  We will honor you by expecting you to defend your position forthrightly in the public eye.


It’s devastating to read, isn’t it?  Brothers and sisters, let us be freshly reminded what is at stake here.  There is a vast multitude of helpless children whose lives are hanging in the balance.  Let us pray with fervor that truth and reasonableness win the heart of our new President. 


Let us all support the mothers of children who have foregone abortion and have chosen life.  We have such an opportunity in the coming weeks to support those mothers by donating items for a baby shower that will be held in their honor on March 8th.  More information will be coming in the weeks ahead on Sunday morning and in the church announcements!


[author Joe Lechner]

Photo taken by GirlTalk blog