March Madness

1127276_basketball_hoopWe live in North Carolina and as far as college sports go, we live in “ACC country.”  When looking at ways to reach this area or even your neighbor with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, why not use some of the cultural values to your advantage.  During this season of March Madness, with the ACC basketball tournament (March 12-15) and then the NCAA Basketball Tournament (National Championship on April 6th) why not seek to reach out to those who may not know Christ.  If their is someone on your street who has a college flag for their favorite team in their yard, invite them over to watch a game. 

Here are some additional thoughts and ideas for this March Madness season:

1.   Be intentional with conversations when you have the people over.

2.  Ask God to show you exactly who you need to be reaching out to and see if using March Madness is a way this “outreach” can happen.

3. Brackets:  Many people in the United States who do not know anything about college basketball will fill out a bracket for the NCAA Tournament.  You can always seek to do this on your street.  Get your neighbors to fill out a bracket and then the winner can get a prize (you supply the prize).

4.  This is a great way to get the family involved in evangelism (See Super Bowl post).