Mission 28 Update: Jon Shea

jon-sheaOn March 8th, Mission28 brought 94 people down to Laguna Beach Florida, for our 5th annual Spring break trip called Rekindle. We had the privilege of bringing many new friends down there that we had met over the course of the school year. While down there, God really knit us together as a group and gave us more of a passion for Himself.

Mickey and Joe began the week with three messages on:  The character of God, Sin and Hell, and The Gospel. We had the awesome privilege to spend time hearing God’s Word preached and meditating on the truths of the Gospel.

With this foundation, Joe challenged us to evaluate the lives in light of the Gospel. We looked at what the Bible has to has about repentance, what it means for the non-Christian and what it looks like in the life of a believer. We looked at questions like, “Am I saved?” and “What area(s) of my life have I not submitted to Christ?”. Some that went away from the message concluding that they were not saved and some went unsure of whether they were or not. This lead to many great conversations and on the Thursday after Rekindle one of our new friends, Emmanuel, gave His life to Christ after wrestling with this message for about a week. Praise the Lord! For the Christians there, this message was a great opportunity to evaluate our own lives and humbly repent of sin.

Mickey then served us greatly by addressing the issue of sexual purity. After the message the guys and girls split up and confessed sin and prayed for one another. This was a very convicting and encouraging time for many. Joe ended the trip with a message on evangelism and God used this to build us together even more as a ministry in our mission together at UNCC. 

We’ve been back from Rekindle for two and a half weeks now and God has continued to build us together as a group. We are currently in a series called Grow, and God is continuing to meet us and show us more of Himself, as we seek to grow in our love for Jesus together.  Thanks so much for your prayers and please continue to pray for us as we finish the semester.