Family Nights

1147492_green_1Manhood and Creativity…does it go together? I think it can, but I know a lot of guys who struggle with this. We are trying to be creative and romantic on date nights and then we want to be fun and spontaneous on family nights. Our goal must be to love our families and point them to Christ, but I know we can lose sight of that goal when creativity seems distant. So here is a little “cheat sheet” for all of the guys out there for creative “family nights.” This is a work in progress, but I thought it would be helpful. Please feel free to add to this list. The comments are “open” for this post. 

Even if you don’t like the list below, I encourage you to make your own list. I can guarantee one thing…if you don’t start planning for family nights, you are never going have them.

Family Night ideas for families with younger children
· Chucky Cheese Night—eat an early dinner (we don’t like their pizza…so eat at home or somewhere else) and then purchase lots of tokens and have a blast as a family
· “Fish Store” Night—Even with having three daughters, our girls love to go to Bass Pro Shop and then look at the fish. Then we go to Rocky Mtn. Chocolate Factory and share a caramel apple .
· Big Shows—always be on the look out for the circus, shows, or plays coming to town. You can sign up for Ticketmaster to e-mail you weekly for updates about what is coming to the Charlotte area
· Role Play Night—this started off as training our girls in discipline situations, but they loved it. Now we will play through scenarios where Mommy acts like our oldest daughter and Daddy will act like our baby. The girls love to “play” mommy and daddy
· Cinderella Night—for girls, it has been fun to have popcorn and rent Cinderella. I did a “Cinderella scavenger hunt” around our house by writing a story that was similar to Cinderella on note cards. The prize was the DVD of Cinderella
· Movie Night
· Hide and Seek Night—use the whole house and play “hide and seek”
· NASCAR speed park—go cart racing
· Carowinds–any theme park for a “family day”
· Candy Night—purchase a lot of different kinds of candy and then play Candy Land
· Pajama Run—go to Dunkin Doughnuts spontaneously either late at night or early in the morning

Family Night Ideas for families with older children

· Music Night: Find two songs on the Internet for everyone to play

· Cooking night: Cook up something really outlandish and bizarre
o Beet Soup
o Fondue Night
o Banana Splits

· Movie Review Night: Instead of watching a movie all the way through, watch several movie trailers. Movies that we would not normally watch. Review each for future viewing purposes.

· Family website night and/or BLOG
· Shopping for $10 Night: see how many creative things you can buy at the mall for $10. Divide up in pairs and have a great time. Meet at a designated spot in one hour to share your purchases.

· Game Night: Purchase a new “exotic” or “classic” game and play it together with popcorn or a new dessert that we all made together.
o Scattergories
o Scrabble

· Cappuccino Night: Create new cafe beverages together. Find recipes online and have a holly jolly good time.

· Bowling

· You Tube
o Promo for the Coffee House
o Shark Attacks
o Ninja Video
o Flight of the Concords
o Scary Clips

· Putt Putt

· Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt

· Coffee at Local Coffee Shop

· Local College…basketball game, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, Coffee Shop
· Special Theatre
· Drive Inn Movie Theatre

(written by Mike Seaver, but many thanks to Lloyd Odell for  ideas and suggestions I used!)


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