Mission 28 Update

daniel jMindyHey CrossWay! This is Mindy Odell and Daniel Jakubisin giving you all a very brief recap of this last year, as well as a sneak peek into next year:

Last August, we began the year with our Freshman/Sophomore Retreat. We didn’t know what all God had in store for Mission28, but we all knew we were excited about kicking the year off and seeing how He worked!

Since that time we’ve witnessed four students give their lives to Christ – Emily White, Jonathan Harris, Emmanuel Harper and Jamie Bass. We’ve seen student’s passion and love for the Lord growing. People have gotten married (including me, Daniel), graduated, joined the work force, and we’ve had many new students coming around Mission28 who are now our good friends! Our last big event was the Uttermost Easter Egg Hunt. We scattered over 1,400 eggs in the middle of campus and, well…the pictures below pretty much say it all.


The main point we really want to emphasis though, is the Lord’s faithfulness to us – as an intern team and Mission28 as a whole. The Lord has done far more than we possibly could have anticipated this year. He has been with us as interns. This is the first year we’ve had to raise our full support, yet he has provided each of us what we need. The Lord has used us in each other’s lives to encourage and pray for one another. Looking back we can see how the Lord has built us together and given us joy, strength, boldness, and compassion in our outreach.

God has blessed our Open Discussions by bringing people throughout the year. Students have opened up their lives with us, giving us many opportunities to share the Gospel with these people and build friendships with them. The depth of the relationships within Mission 28 is a huge encouragement to us. It strengthens our faith that the Lord is at work in Mission 28 and that his plan goes beyond one year.  We have seen many times that the Lord has brought people our way one year and the next year he saves them (sometimes two or three years later).  He is raising up leaders for next year – students who will serve and share the gospel boldly. 

Charlotte Dixon, Tyler LeVan and Tim Rhue are all continuing next year and Keri Malament will be joining them, and there are other unnamed souls talking to Joe about becoming interns. Daniel and Emily Jakubisin will be heading to Virginia Tech where he will be attending Grad School for his masters in Electrical Engineering – where he will be buried under books that most of us could never understand. Jon Shea will ALSO be buried under piles of books, but of a different kind. He will be leaving in late August to attend the Sovereign Grace Pastors College. Way to go, Jon!

We are so grateful for your prayers for us. Please continue to lift up Mission 28 to the Lord. And we ask that you would begin to pray for next year.  We desire that the Lord would begin preparing a new team of interns and leaders to reach out to the campus and that he would be working in the hearts of the students who we meet next year.