This One’s For the Moms

sermonjamsheaderActually, this is for everybody… but, perhaps, it’s mainly for the moms with young kids.  The other day I came home with two CD’s – began playing them in the house – and my wife, Jeanie, said, “Where did you get that?  That would be perfect for moms with young kids!”

So what was on the CD’s?  A little something called ‘sermon jams’ (preaching excerpts set to music) that I had downloaded for free from a website called

And when Jeanie heard them, she explained to me that they would be perfect for moms with young kids who are always missing the Sunday message or distracted during the Sunday message because “mom duty” always seems to call most between the hours of 10-12 on Sunday mornings.  “If a mom can get these,” she said, “she can get a whole sermon in like 6 minutes!  That’s awesome!”

 So this one’s to all the moms who always seem to miss the sermon on Sunday… and to everybody else, like me, who just think they’re really cool.  Go to the website – you can listen for free – download for free – you’ll hear John Piper, Josh Harris, Mark Driscoll in a way you probably won’t hear them anywhere else.

 Here’s a little sample (click on “listen”…try a few)

  By: Joe Lechner