The Abortion Mandate

1170952_pre_natalThere are many political-moral issues these days that vie for our attention as Christians.  We could easily get consumed by discouraging developments and political action, but loose sight of the most powerful force to change our darkened society: the life-transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ as it is proclaimed and demonstrated.  I (Jim) subscribe to several e-mail services by Christian, family-oriented ministries and organizations (e.g. Focus on the Family, Family Research Council, American Family Association, North Carolina Christian Action League, One News Now, etc.).  This helps me be aware of political-moral issues that rise to the level of importance to relay to you.  We have another one now…

 As most are aware, the pending healthcare reform legislation being debated in Washington and across our country is an extremely important issue that most all Americans will be effected by, if it passes.  One aspect of all versions of this legislation should be alarming to us: directly or indirectly, despite what government officials and the media claim, it will enable the largest expansion of abortions since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision and will be funded by taxpayers.

 At this point, a specific exclusion of abortion coverage MUST be included in the final version of this bill or it WILL be provided.  Several amendment attempts have already been made, but were voted down in various committees.

 We have the opportunity, as Christian citizens, to speak out against this through the God-given privilege of appealing to our government representatives to include an abortion restriction on any healthcare reform bill being considered.  There are a number of ways we can appeal:

  • Prayer
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Contacting our elected officials in Washington by phone, e-mail or letter

Would you please consider doing one or more of these things in the next week while there is still time to influence this reform bill?  An easy way to do this is through a website: and a flyer (PDF format) that gives more information.  Thanks for caring for the unborn by your prayers and appeals to those governing our country.