Mission 28 Update

Dear CrossWay Community Church,

The first semester of Mission28 is coming to a close. Picking up from the middle of October, we had our ‘All Day Fun Day’, which consisted of the guys playing flag football on campus and then all of us hanging out at the church for pancakes and a bon fire.  Over 3 different Thursday meetings we had Nick, Mickey, and Mike each give a message.  We are very blessed to have our pastors come and share their hearts and teach God’s word on campus.  [Thank you, Pastors!] Earlier in October we had a Girls Retreat, in the mountains, where we gathered with Jeanie Lechner and Kathryn Flanigan to come to a fresh view of God’s personal, intimate, measureless love for us as individuals.  

Mission28 just had our annual coffee house.  This year, we had ‘Already Not Yet’ Band play, as well as, Daniel Renstrom and Shelly Moore.  There was an estimate of over 200 people there.  It was an awesome time to relax, listen to some music, eat and get to know new people!

Update with OD’s…. Each dorm has had new people come out consistently each week. That’s good news!!! Just a few weeks ago, in Moore dorm, we weren’t able to knock on doors, so no one came out, except one girl. God’s perfect plan! She came out and opened up to us some tragic things that have been going on with her family the past few months and had asked us what to do.  Not able to give any answers, we turned to prayer! So that night we were able to sit and pray for this girl.  I’ve had the pleasure to talk with her more and I believe God is going to do some wonderful things in her life. Please pray God would work through her and she would turn to Him and TRUST in what he’s doing in her life!

Looking back on this semester I see the changes God has done on campus. Many relationships are being made and students are either coming to know Christ as their Savior, or growing more in their walk with the Lord! I’m encouraged!

Thank you for your prayers.

In Grace,

Stephanie Jilek