The Power of the Word

Someone in the church passed this along to me (Joe) a while back and I recently stumbled across it again as I was going through some papers and notes.  I thought it was blog worthy and worthy of our reflection.  Enjoy!

The Benefits of Spending Time in God’s Word from Psalm 119:

  1. God’s Word establishes my way (v.5)
  2. God’s Word purifies my life (v.9)
  3. God’s Word removes anything false in me (v.11)
  4. God’s Word produces reverence for God (v.12-16)
  5. God’s Word increases my courage (v.46)
  6. God’s Word comforts me in afflictions (v.50)
  7. God’s Word guards me from panic (v. 61)
  8. God’s Word teaches me discernment (v.66)
  9. God’s Word makes me useful to others (v.79)
  10. God’s Word cultivates perseverance (v.87)
  11. God’s Word keeps me spiritually alive (v.93)
  12. God’s Word accelerates my understanding (v.98-99)
  13. God’s Word creates a joyful heart (v.111)
  14. God’s Word sustains me when I feel helpless (v.116)
  15. God’s Word enables to honor right and hate wrong (v.128)
  16. God’s Word causes me to walk in the truth (v.129-130)
  17. God’s Word surrounds me with delight in spite of difficulty (v.143)
  18. God’s Word develops the discipline of prayer (v.145-149)
  19. God’s Word rescues me when I am defenseless (v.153-154)
  20. God’s Word fills me with praise within and peace without (v.164-165)
  21. God’s Word draws me back when I go astray (v.176)