Valentine’s Contest: Best Marriage Proposal

by David Ruszczyk

It all began on a Hot Charlotte summer day on August 25th of 2007 at approx 3:00 pm., Saturday to be exact. The day after I was helping some single ladies move, yes it was a scorcher, drenched in sweat, thirsty as I was one of the ladies drove me to a gas station where I guzzled down a couple of Gatorades. After getting home I realized I had no wallet. Where did I leave it? I called the ladies and no luck. I then realized by one of the ladies that I may have left it on the trunk of her car where I was gasping for air and getting cooled off from Gatorade.  Wow, was I that stupid and exhausted, absolutely.

The next day a man called and told me he found my wallet and would meet me to return it. Melissa and I then drove to Huntersville and he returned my wallet with the $100 cash still inside, Wow again. The driver’s license and bank card were missing; however he told me where he had found it, in Davidson. To Davidson Melissa and I went.  I found the bank card, but no license.

Driving down the street to look more, a Police Officer pulled us over. I was nervous as I did not have my driver’s license.  I asked Melissa if I was speeding, both nervous as most people are with the local police with their lights and sirens going. Mr. Officer asked me to get out of the vehicle and step to his vehicle, which I complied. Then returning to the car with Melissa inside, he asked her for her license and for her to step out of the vehicle as well. It was about 90 degrees smoking hot and Melissa will tell you it was 100. The officer asked Melissa if she knew that her boyfriend had revoked driving privileges in the state of North Carolina. The sweet Southern Belle replied in a surprised manner, No, as we only knew each other for several months. She was nervous, shocked and speechless; the thoughts that were running through her head were, “This guy lied to me, what am I doing with another loser.” The officer then asked her if she knew of my revoked driving privileges and if she was willing to spend the rest of her life with me, still in shock with nothing to say, the officer then raised his voice again asking her. I then got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry me. I had to trick her and get her on an emotional roller coaster, but she said yes and today we have been married for 2 great years with a beautiful 16 month old girl and are expecting #2 in June. The end!