Mission 28 Update

Hello friends!  I have been given the task to give an update on all that has been happening in Mission 28.  In writing this, I am again freshly encouraged as I recall and articulate all the ways the Lord continues to work on the campus of UNCC! 

 Starting with the macro, Joe Lechner and Tyler Levan are preaching an 8-part series on Jesus this semester that has proven fruitful!  Specifically they are examining what Jesus said about Himself and who He claimed to be.  New faces continue to come and have every week since the start of this school year – praise God!  Through these meetings, community is being built, new friendships are being formed, and everyone is hearing God’s truth that can change their lives! 

Our Open Discussions (ODs) have started back with tons of new faces!  Logan, one of the freshman that comes to my OD in Moore Hall, and I have been hanging out consistently as the Lord has softened his heart towards the gospel and grown our friendship.  I believe Logan knows I’m for him, even though we openly and frequently speak about our different view points on Scripture, God’s existence, Jesus, and world philosophies.  The Lord has given me favor to win his trust and respect so that after an hour long debate we can go get coffee together, talk about football, and enjoy life together. 

 I have continued building my friendship with Jake and Conrad, who are both freshman, I’ve shared my thoughts on life and death, and how Jesus personally changed my life back in March 2004.  Conrad’s heart remains very hard towards the gospel, though his respect for me has increased.  He is a philosophy major and has frequently talked about all that he has heard about Christianity with me.  I’ve been dependent on the Lord for humility and love as I believe Conrad consistently and intentionally tests my genuineness for my claim of his well being.  I love that guy! And despite his hard heart and I am in full faith that the Lord will work through me, so long as I increasingly depend on Him for love and humility!  Pray with me for his salvation and my humility and love for him! 

Jake has been attending church this past month.  Though I’m still not sure whether he knows the Lord, I continue to build a friendship with him as well as pray for him.  He seems to look up to me as he consistently brings questions my way – praise God!  Pray with me that the Lord will be feared and praised in his heart! 

 Lastly we are getting ramped up for REKINDLE!!  This is our annual spring break trip to Laguna Beach, FL where we bring down 100+ UNCC students for the purpose of building community and hearing God’s word preached.  This year we’re expecting as many as 115 students and are praying, fasting, and laboring for everyone’s salvation and maturity in the Lord!  Pray with us and expect a post-Rekindle update mid-march!

 Tim Rhue