Yes, he’s coming back…at least by video!  If you haven’t heard, we are hosting Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University 13-week video seminar again starting Tuesday, Sept. 7th, 7:00 PM.  This course helped so many last time and was such a great outreach to the community, we wanted to do it again.  Just ask anyone who attended the first seminar in the spring…they’ll confirm that it is well worth the $99 curriculum kit fee!  A few changes this time — Chris Cagle and Bill Brown will be hosting the class and childcare will be available, but it will be limited to guests only.  Come this Saturday, Aug. 28th, 7:00 PM for the free Preview Night to find out more, get registered and order your curriculum kit.  If you’ve already been through the course, would you consider offering childcare for a couple to attend?  What a great help this would be so both spouses can be there!

 If you are at all struggling with your finances and are considering this seminar, here is Matt Bell’s testimony that he shared Sunday to encourage and inspire you…

When Jim asked me to come and speak about Financial Peace University, at first I was reluctant.  I didn’t want Dave Ramsey to get all the glory for the mighty work that GOD is doing in our household these days.  BUT I serve a life-changing God who has used Dave Ramsey’s course to transform our financial management and turn our hearts to the Lord more fully! 

 Kristen and I married very young.  We weren’t Christians then.  We had very little money and no plan.  We thought we’d “live on love”  and it would all work out.   We justified charging car repairs, birthday gifts, medical bills and vacations when we didn’t have cash.  We didn’t feel guilty because we thought that’s what everybody did when they started a family.  After being married three years, we were both saved; but, even then, we continued to be irresponsible with money and got further in debt.  With each promotion, we increased our standard of living.  Living paycheck to paycheck, having a big mortgage and two car loans was our version of the American Dream.  We always hoped things would get better for us, but we never took steps to grow in our knowledge of handling money responsibly.  It wasn’t until last year that God’s Word penetrated our hearts and brought deep conviction regarding our finances. 

 Aware that we needed guidance, we were excited to hear that Crossway would be hosting a class about money last spring.   We attended and brought our teen daughters along as well.  What we learned in that class has turned our family right side up financially.  Today, we have a plan.  We pay for things with cash.  We have a budget.  We save for emergencies (like Christmas!) instead of relying on a credit card because we failed to plan ahead.  So far, we’ve reduced our debt by $16,000!  We still have a long way to go; but, we have faith that, step by step, we’ll climb our mountain of debt and God will be glorified in our freedom.  

 Our hearts are full of gratitude.  We are grateful to God for not giving up on us.  We are grateful to CrossWay for hosting the class, offering counsel and providing support.  And, we are grateful to the person who made it possible for us to attend by anonymously paying the tuition.   

 Maybe your story is similar to ours.  If you’re struggling in your finances, then Financial Peace University can help you.  Would you consider joining us?

 Maybe your story isn’t at all like ours and you don’t need this course.  Do you know someone else who needs help with their finances?  I bet we all do — maybe a family member, fellow care group member or someone in the community.  Would you consider paying for a struggling family to take this class so they can learn a better way to handle their money?  God may use your generosity to change a family’s life.