Charleston Church Plant – Interview with Mike Seaver (Part II)

Seaver familyNext year, Mike Seaver plans to plant Sovereign Grace Church of the Lowcountry in the Summerville/Charleston area of South Carolina. In part 1 of our interview, Mike described the next steps for the church planting team and explained why he chose to plant a church in Charleston.

In the second half of the interview, Mike talks about cooperating with church planters from other organizations, how he can afford to start with two full-time elders, and how you can pray for the new church.

Do you expect to cooperate with other church planters and pastors in Charleston?

Yes, I really feel a burden to work with other gospel-centered churches in the area. We’re on the same team and we have the same gospel and we have the same enemy (Ephesians 6:10-20), so we fight in the same war. I’ve already been able to talk with some other pastors in the area, and they’ve been eager to help us. It’s been very humbling.

We’ve already started conversations about specific ways we can team up with other local churches to reach out to the needy in North Charleston, so we’re excited to serve alongside others who are already on the ground.

As a church planter, what do you find helpful about partnering with Sovereign Grace Ministries?

Knowing that we’re all part of the same mission and the same family is so encouraging. I get emails from other pastors all the time, saying “We’re praying for you and we’re excited about the plant.” I know of SGM pastors who have talked with their people about the plant and invited them to be on the church planting team as well.

I also know that if I have questions or if I am in need, there are many guys who are willing to help. I am very well cared for first as a man of God, then as a husband and father, and then as a pastor. The men around me don’t want me just to be qualified to plant a church, but to stay qualified in my character for the long haul.

We also receive care through much financial support. We’re receiving generous support from Sovereign Grace Ministries, but also a large portion of our initial support is coming from CrossWay Community Church. The pastoral team and church family there graciously committed to supporting the church plant financially for the first two years. This is making it possible for us to start out with two full-time elders.

Mainly, we’re planting a Sovereign Grace church because Sovereign Grace loves the gospel and we love the gospel. We are thankful to be part of Sovereign Grace and we’ve been blessed in countless ways.

How can we pray for you and the church planting team?

It is staggering to watch God put this plant together. Apart from him we can do nothing, so we desire the prayers of his people!

Please pray that Jim Hawkins and I would cherish Jesus more and more and that we would be humble throughout this process. We want our eyes focused on the gospel continually rather than growing anxious over details or plans.

Please pray the God would bring the core team that he wants for this church plant, both from other areas and from the Charleston area. Please pray for unity on the team.

And please pray for a facility for us to meet in. By God’s grace, we seem to have some leads and favor for potential spots, but we are praying for the Lord’s will.

Lastly, pray for our homes to sell. Those of us moving for the plant are currently fixing up and selling our homes. Please pray that God would sell them in his timing. We are selling in a down market (obviously) and my good friend and realtor, Lloyd Odell, was helping my perspective on what I counted as loss. He said, “If everything is loss except the surpassing worth of Jesus Christ, then losing money on your house is just one more loss.” May God help me count as loss that which is really loss and to count as gain that which is really gain, namely Christ.

How can interested folks get in touch with you?

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