Follow-up care for a new church in Seoul, South Korea

from Plant & Build | The Sovereign Grace Blog by amahr

Two pastors from Sovereign Grace churches recently traveled to Burma and South Korea in order to visit the church planters whom Sovereign Grace Ministries supports in those countries. We shared about their time in Burma last week, and today will focus on the trip to South Korea. For security reasons related to Burma, we won’t share their names.


As you may recall from a recent video our churches showed, in 2009 a pastor named Kang Songhwan graduated from our Pastors College and planted Lord’s Grace Church in Seoul, South Korea. It was the first Sovereign Grace church in that country. What you might not realize is that our church-planting efforts mean much more than simply getting a church started—in fact you might say that most of what we do to help our church planters succeed comes after the church launches, not before.

Because of the many challenges that newly established churches face, opportunities for us to serve them are especially numerous in their first few years of existence. And thanks to the generosity of Sovereign Grace churches, in recent years we have been able to take advantage of those opportunities with increasing frequency.

Our pastors’ recent trip to Seoul illustrates this diversity of opportunities well:

  • In response to Songhwan’s request for help teaching on marriage, they were able to plan and lead a three-session marriage seminar attended by church members and others from the community.
  • To help Lord’s Grace Church build bridges in a country where Sovereign Grace Ministries is still a relative unknown, they spent time with local Christian leaders to discuss how Lord’s Grace Church and Sovereign Grace Ministries could be a long-term blessing to the Christian community in Seoul.
  • Because Songhwan currently serves as the only pastor at Lord’s Grace Church, they also spent an extended time encouraging him and helping him to think strategically about various ministry decisions.

On behalf of Songhwan, thank you for investing in our common mission of planting churches and providing them with long-term care in the years following their launch. Trips like this visibly display your partnership and care to the people of Lord’s Grace Church, even though they are several thousand miles away from the nearest Sovereign Grace church.

Would you also join us in praying for them?

  • There is a possibility that they will lose access to the building they currently use for Sunday meetings. Please pray that the Lord provides for them either in their current space or somewhere new.
  • Please pray for God to raise up small-group leaders to help care for and disciple the members of the church.
  • Please pray that in time Lord’s Grace Church will become a church-planting hub, able to reach other areas of eastern Asia and the Pacific with the gospel.

Photo of the Gyeongbok Palace in Seoul by Ziggymaster, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 license.



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