We are saved to be a community, not a church of individuals

by Jeremy Oddy

I’m currently reading what looks to be an excellent book on doing community in small groups that cultivate growth, care, and mission.  It is a book by Brad House titled Community: Taking Your Small Groups Off Life Support.  So far, I like a lot of what he is writing and desiring for the church.  In particular, I want to highlight what he wrote about how we are to build community upon the cross.  Using Ephesians 2:15b-22 as his text, House writes:

We are saved to be a community, not a church of individuals…It is through Christ that we have been reconciled to God and to one another.  it is in Christ that we are united together like a family who shares the bloodline of Jesus.  Jesus gives us the ability to experience life as God intended, in real community with him and one another. In a world searching for belonging, the cross is a beacon of hope. We belong to one another because we have been united in Christ…Community is for us a declaration of the overwhelming love of God, a tangible proclamation of the reconciling work of the cross (pp. 33-34).


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