Baptism Testimony: Carter Edwards

Carter Edwards
Carter Edwards’ Testimony

Prior to becoming a real Christian I thought I was saved three times. The first two times were at VBS’s and I just did it because everyone else was doing it. The third time, I had gotten in trouble and I was so upset that I prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and claimed to be saved. But I didn’t really understand what it meant to become a Christian and surrender my life to Christ.

It was not until a couple of years ago when my parents had gone out one night. My dad told us we weren’t allowed to watch TV, being a sinner I disobeyed and not only did I watch TV, but I was watched something I shouldn’t have been watching. When my parents got home, my dad caught me trying to run away and conceal what I had been doing. He turned on the TV and asked if I had been watching this and I said no. I could tell that he knew I did, but all he said was that he’ll deal with me in the morning.

When he said that, I was so terrified because my punishment was so bad it had to wait till the morning.  I tried to sleep, but I could not take the guilt of lying after I disobeyed my father. I just felt like I was in complete darkness, completely separated from God. It was horrible. After about ten minutes I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to pray to God and I believe that He told me to tell the truth to my parents.

So I gathered up all of my courage and went downstairs. I told my parents what I had done and they thanked me for telling them. It felt so good to tell the truth, it felt like the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.  Later that night my dad talked to me about what it meant to be a Christian and how temptations like what had happened will come upon us, but with God you can overcome them.

That night I repented and accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Now as a Christian I don’t need to be scared of my punishment, which is eternal life in hell, because God sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for every single one of my sins so that I can live with Him in Heaven for eternity. For I have no condemnation. Today I am getting baptized not only to make a public proclamation of my faith, but to draw closer to God and make my relationship with him stronger.


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