Baptism Testimony: Ashlyn Tweed

Ashlyn Tweed

Ashlyn Tweeds Redemptive Story:

written by her mother

(baptism Sunday – October 23, 2011)

 This was written in October of 2010

 A year or so ago, the girls came downstairs after bedtime and announced that Ashlyn (age 5 then) was a Christian.  We asked how did this happen and Kiley (our then 9 year old) told us they were talking about the Lord and reading a story together and Ashlyn wanted to be a Christian and Kiley helped her know what that meant.  She even asked her the important questions:  Do you believe you are a sinner?  Do you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sin?  Do you want to confess your sin and live for Jesus?  Ashlyn said yes and was all too happy to pray with Kiley about it.  Then they came downstairs to share that she was now a Christian.  She appeared elated!

Over the past year, we have seen her bearing good fruit and growing in kindness, self-control, and a true sorrow when she’s done wrong.  Ashlyn has consistently been asking to be baptized over this year as well.  We have seen fruit in her life, but were unsure if she should be baptized since she is so young.  Could she possibly understand her own sinfulness, and God’s redemption?

The following is written in late summer of 2011:

I had been feeling, over the past couple months, that perhaps we should have allowed Ashlyn be baptized after her confession of faith.  She has asked quite a few times in the past couple years.  God had laid on my heart a few verses that just seemed to constantly come up.  “Let the little children come to me, do not hinder them,”  and also “they believed and were immediately baptized.”  I prayed that if Ashlyn should be baptized that God would show us and make it clear.  This was a quick prayer I said a few times over a week or so.  It was a prayer I thought I’d be praying about a while, but God was so kind to answer quickly.  I hadn’t yet had a chance to share these thoughts with Craig when Ashlyn came to us one night after bed.  She had been crying and told her sister she was a Christian, but felt we didn’t believe her.  Kiley told her to come talk to us.

When she came to us and said that she was a Christian and wanted to be baptized.   It was one of those “God moments,” as we call them.  One where you just can feel the Holy Spirit at work.  I knew this was the answer. After months of her not mentioning baptism any further, here she was the week I start praying specifically for an answer to whether she should be baptized.  God was so kind to answer quickly and clearly!  We assured her that we had been seeing fruit of God working in her life and that whether she was a Christian was a question that only she and God could answer.  If she believes she’s a sinner in need of a savior and that Jesus died for her sins, then she’s a Christian.  If she’s a Christian, she is.  Nothing we say or do would change that.

When Ashlyn left the room, I shared with Craig the thoughts and verses God had been bringing to mind and prayer I had prayed just a few times over the past week.  We both felt God’s love and kindness to answer us so quickly.  About this time, a note is slipped under the door.  In 7 year old writing it says, “I’m a Christian and want to be baptized.”  We called Ashlyn back in and told her that she could be baptized.  God tells the little children to come to him, and we don’t want to hinder her.  She was so thrilled, as are we!  We are so grateful for God’s mercy and kindness to us. We are grateful for the Holy Spirit’s lead!


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