Sanctity of Life – How Can We Be Involved

Here are Joe’s application points from Sunday’s message on the sanctity of life.  Please read them and consider how you might be involved.

ONE – Read and be informed.  Know the facts and know the issues so that you can speak intelligently to people about this. It’s going to require more than a handful of Bible verses in order to win people over.  Suggested resource:  Why Pro-Life? by Randy Alcorn (it’s in the CWCC bookstore).

TWO –Support and be involved in the Pro-Life ministries in this church – two things in particular…

Truth & Mercy Ministry which does a lot of work reaching out to and caring for mothers who have made the decision not to abort their babies – by being at the front lines at abortion clinics appealing to mothers to choose life; providing transportation to and from doctor’s appointments for mothers who do choose life; and providing baby showers supplying these mothers with baby clothes and supplies and things that she’ll need to care for her baby.

Give! Give! Give to the collections that we organize throughout the year (especially at Family Meetings) so that these mothers and their babies have what they need– baby clothes, supplies, toys, etc.

Talk to Sheryl Chandler if you’d like more information as to how to be involved and to receive Truth &Mercy’s regular update letters.

Forgiven and Set Free Bible Study and Support Group for women who have had abortions.

If you are a woman who has had an abortion there is hope and forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ.  I would encourage you to be a part of this group (or if you know of someone encourage them) to come and receive the care and encouragement of these other ladies and from the grace of God found in the gospel.  God’s grace is bigger than the sin of abortion.

For more information, you can talk to Kathy Mangum or Laura Hudson.

THIRD – Give to Pro-life ministries.  Most pregnancy resource centers are non-profits and are significantly dependent on the charitable giving of others to operate and provide services.  Pray and consider making it part of your yearly charitable giving to support places like pregnancy resource centers.

FOURTH – Volunteer at Pregnancy Resource Centers or other Pro-Life ministries.  If you don’t know what to do, there’s a great new ministry and website called that provides opportunities and information about how you can actively be involved in helping and serving and volunteering and ministering to women considering abortions.

You can also contact the Charlotte Pregnancy Resource Center at or 704-372-5981.

FIFTH – Consider being on the front lines at abortion clinics appealing to and praying for women to choose life.  These places, these women, and their babies are mission fields for the gospel in dire need of courageous and compassionate missionaries.  Would you consider joining the mission field on the front lines.  Again, is a good place to start to get more information.

SIXTH – Be active in the political process.  Meet, write, and call your representatives.  Draft, circulate, and sign petitions for pro-life ballot measures.  Vote.

SEVENTH – Adoption.  It’s estimated that for every child that’s adopted in this country, 30 others are aborted.  As Christian families, adoption is something all of us should at least pray about and consider.  Thank you to every family in CWCC that has either adopted children or has ever made the attempt to adopt children.

Another way to participate in adoption is through our adoption fund.  Over the years we have been able to give nearly $50,000 to families seeking to adopt.  Please pray and consider giving on January 29th when we collect our next offering for the fund.

LASTLY – (though even more could be added to this list) – Pray.  Ultimately, our hope is in our Sovereign God for whom nothing is too hard and with whom nothing is impossible.  Here are a few categories to help you in praying for this issue:

  • Pray that mothers would choose life and babies would be saved
  • Pray that the men involved would be courageous and responsible
  • Pray for those in the abortion business to be awakened to the evil of abortion
  • Pray for the closing of abortion clinics
  • Pray for the survival and success of ministries and centers seeking to help women choose life.
  • Pray for legislation and public officials that stand for life
  • Pray for the end of legalized abortion in this country and around the world
  • Pray for more Christian missionaries on the front lines of this mission field
  • Pray that the Gospel would triumph in the hearts and lives of these mothers, their babies, their families, and those in the abortion business.

Here are a few more resources for the cause of life:


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