2012 CCEF National Conference on Guilt and Shame (October 26-28)

Have you ever felt shame? Struggled with a lingering sense of guilt? Do you know someone who wrestles with relentless feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt? Have you ever been treated in such a way that leaves you feeling stained, damaged? This conference aims to understand and speak to guilt and shame through the truth of Scripture, and to equip those who attend with the resources to do the same—in their own lives and the lives of others.

On October 26-28, I would love for you to join us to go to this year’s CCEF National Conference on Guilt and Shame in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Come listen to world-class speakers and teachers like Mark Dever, David Powlison, Ed Welch, Tim Lane, and others. Expect rich fellowship and the opportunity to meet others who are doing gospel-centered counseling and discipleship in their churches just like you.

Please watch this promo video below:

Watch a Video From Last Year’s Conference

To get more information and to register for the conference, click here.

If you plan to come, please contact me via email (jeremy.oddy@crosswaync.org)

In grace,



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