The joy of repenting: forsaking sin and embracing Christ!

I’ve been reading an excellent book by Jonathan Dodson titled, Gospel-Centered Discipleship. I’ve enjoyed the book immensely thus far. In his excellent chapter, “Gospel Motivation: The Center of Discipleship,” Dodson writes about the gift of repentance. Below, I gathered a few notable and worthy quotes that could help us have a renewed and fresh sense of turning from sin and turning to Christ on a daily, if not, moment by moment basis.

Repentance is not a one-time act to get us into heaven, but an entire way of life to maintain Christian joy…True repentance includes faith. Repentance and faith are two sides of the same gospel coin, one movement made possible by grace…We turn from our sinful behaviors and turn, not to good behaviors, but to Christ. We turn from trust in little gods to trust in the one true God. It is turning from belief in a false promise in order to turn in faith to a true, satisfying promise. Repentance is an exchange of joys, the lesser for the greater…Repentance is a gift from God that compels us to turn away from the fleeting promises of sin and turn to the enduring promises of the gospel…Repenting is for rejoicing! The intoxicating joy of the Lord exposes our lesser joys for what they are – false and empty – and leads us to faith in the true and rewarding promises of God. A gospel-centered disciple rejects the pursuit of perfection and embraces the gift of repentance (pp. 83-85).


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