Change is possible!

By Jeremy Oddy

Consider reading over the quote below for encouragement.  Read each line carefully and slowly and meditate over each principle as your heart becomes full of the love of Christ in what he has done for you, doing in you, and will do for you.  And know this, he is doing the same thing in your spouse, friend, child, and anyone else who is in Christ.

Paul Tripp writes:

Change is possible because the King has come!  In all of this, God’s ultimate goal is his own glory. Christ came to restore people to the purpose they were made for: to live every aspect of their lives in worshipful, obedient submission to him.  He accomplishes this by breathing life into dead hearts so that we grasp our need for him.  He lives sinlessly, keeping the law on our behalf.  He lays down his life as a penalty for sin, so that we can be fully forgiven.  He adopts us into his family, giving us all the rights and privileges of his children.  He daily conforms us to his own image.  He enables us by his grace to do what is right.  His Spirit lives inside us, convicting of sin, illuminining truth, and giving us the power to obey.  He places us in the body of Christ where we can learn and grow.  He rules over every event for his glory and our good.  He makes us the objects of his eternal, redemptive love. The Bible calls this change redemption.  We are not only changed, we are restored to God.  This is what makes all other change possible (Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand, 6-7).

Praise God!  We are a blessed people indeed!  So, we know that this is all true.  However, we can sometimes forget or not believe one or a few of these truths in our own lives.  Talk to a friend or your spouse about some of these truths that you tend to forget or not believe at times.  Ask God for help, because all of our hope is based on a Person, not on our (or someone else’s) performance or a principle.


Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand: How to Help Others Change

August 7 – November 13 

(13 meetings; no class on Sep. 4 and Oct. 30) 

Tuesday evenings, 7:00-9:00

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands (IRH) by Paul Tripp is a companion course to How People Change, a course on personal growth we offer every spring. IRH is a 12-lesson, comprehensive, hands-on overview of the process of biblical change that will equip Christians for personal ministry, to better care, counsel, and disciple others.  In short, this class is a practical theology of care and discipleship.

The course has been designed to teach people:

  • How God changes hearts and lives.
  • How they can be instruments of change in his redemptive hands.

The course will include small group participation to help facilitate discussion and application of the material.

  • Registration ends on August 1.
  • Please purchase your Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hand workbook at the bookstore for $20.
  • Free childcare will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy Oddy at